The Perfect Gift for My Friend

I wanted to get my best friend something really nice for her birthday. I try every year to get her something I know she will enjoy, like concert tickets or a night at a bed and breakfast. This year, she is not able to get out a lot because of her work schedule, so I decided to find her the ultimate gift that she would really like. She has been complaining about losing her hour glass figure, so I went online to see what gifts could come from that problem. That is how I found waist trainers.

These reminded me of old fashioned corsets with a modern twist, and I really liked what I found. I know when people hear corset, they probably think torture devices. These are nothing like those though. They are comfortable, and they do not squeeze a person into being three sizes smaller. Continue reading

Equipment and Gadgets to Make Fitness More Fun

We all know we need to exercise in order to stay healthy and fit (and keep the extra pounds off too), but sometimes it can feel like such a drag. Believe it or not, fitness can be fun though. There are lots of gadgets on the market that can make the grind a little less tedious. If you’re a geek at heart, you’ll love the techy toys. If you like to try new things, then there are plenty of exotic pieces of fitness equipment that can spruce up your workouts too. Let’s take a look at some of the offerings out there; maybe you can find something to make your exercise time more fun.

Nintendo Wii Fit

If you want to add a little fun (okay, a lot of fun) to your fitness workout, add the Wii. The Wii Fit and the Wii Fit Plus are designed to turn exercise into a game. Do you enjoy yoga? Tennis? Aerobics? All of these are “games” you can get for the Wii Fit. This can even save you some money, since yoga classes and the like can be expensive if you’re going to a studio. With the Wii, you can get your workout right in your own living room. Don’t think that just because the Nintendo is a gaming system you won’t sweat. The Wii can get your heart rate up and give you a good workout!

Versa Loops

This versatile, small device is easy to travel with. This affordable system of bands cost around $4.00 each and are excellent for toning and as part of your Pilates workout. They work on resistance with each color denoting a different resistance. Versa loops are certain to add a little fun to your workout.

Exercise Ball

These balls come in a variety of sizes and work great for Pilates, Yoga, abdomen training, and weight training. They are a fun and excellent tool for doing crunches. And, hey, if you’re hard up for seating, people have been known to substitute these exercise balls for computer chairs.

Human Touch Board

How about a surfing experience while toning your muscles? The Human Touch Board is a lot of fun, and you can learn a whole new skill set while exercising. Who knows? You might actually be able to put your new surfing skills to use one day.


You might not think your iPod is a fitness gadget, but it really is. You can use it to inspire you while walking, jogging, running, and during any of your workouts. Music motivates and listening to your favorite tunes makes your workout fun and helps it fly by. You can also find fitness-related podcasts that can walk you through workouts, everything from jogging to yoga.


There’s no secret that the treadmill remains one of the favorite devices for exercise. Many people consider using a treadmill as fun, and when compared to some other types of exercise it could certainly fit into that category. Right from home, you can get fit while walking, jogging, or running on one spot, with the course moving below your feet. Today many home treadmills have extra features to make the workout fun. Examples include ipod integration, built in tv screens, LCD monitors with virtual workout partners, and more.

The BodyBugg

If you haven’t heard of the BodyBug you aren’t alone, but you should find out more about this device that can measure your calorie expenditure. It will measure the calories you consume and the calories you burn and then compare them. There are however similar products that cost less and do the same thing.

Fitness Cube

The Fitness Cube lets you burn fat without ever stepping into a gym. It’s like 30 exercises rolled into one machine. It comes with mats, straps, pull out benches, and everything you need for a complete workout.

We’ve looked at just a few of the gadgets and new types of equipment that can make your fitness fun. There are plenty of others. It doesn’t matter what motivates you and keeps your workouts enjoyable, just as long as it works for you.

Fitness Made Fun – 7 Exercise Gadgets & Equipment Technology Breakthroughs

Hear How You Run

Two of the most recognizable and successful brands in America, Nike and Apple have collaborated to develop a cutting edge fitness innovation.

The Nike + iPod Sport Kit monitors your running experience by transmitting data through a wireless connection between your Nike shoe and your iPod nano. The microchip tracks speed, distance, time, and calories burned while real-time spoken feedback announces milestones throughout your workout . The PowerSongs option integrates your favorite iTunes selections. The kit works with the iPod nano 1G, 2G and 3G and any Nike+ shoe.

Futuristic Factor: *****
Fun Factor: ****
Fitness Factor:****

Virtual Reality Enhanced Cycling Systems

Although The Expresso Upright Stationary Bike is designed for commercial fitness clubs (you can’t afford it), the cool factor merits a mention. This futuristic system engages not just the muscles but also the mind by fusing exertainment with web-based personalization. Imagine playing a visually stunning video game, but instead of planted on the sofa with a game pad, you’re actually riding a top-of-the-line recumbent or upright stationary bike. The handlebars move for realistic steering as you pedal and compete on an interactive course, creating the immersive illusion of being on the open road. The web based high-res screen delivers personalized, real time fitness information. You can set goals, track progress and log data online, taking your workout places it’s never been.

Futuristic Factor: *****
Fun Factor: *****
Fitness Factor: *****

A Personal Trainer in Your Pocket

Easily bored by your exercise routine? Get personalized guidance form Hollywood fitness trainers on your iPod or MP3 player. ITRAIN Personal Trainer downloadable programs include customized audio routines for running, walking, cycling, rowing, climbing, sculpting, stretching, swimming, boxing, pilates and yoga. Celebrity endorsements include Courtney Cox, Sarah Silverman and Olympic Gold medal swimmer Natalie Coughlin. If you’re apathetic about your current exercise routine, iTRAIN’s ever-changing menu of workouts will keep things new and fresh.

Futuristic Factor: ***
Fun Factor: ****
Fitness Factor: *****

Transform Exercise Into “Gamercise”

Some fitness-themed games can only keep your attention for a short time before becoming boring and routine. What sets this system apart is the ability to plug in to any of your favorite games or systems. Gamercize interacts with your Xbox360, PSP3 or Wii, letting you play normally while exercising – but when you pause the game pauses with you. Adjust the exercise level to maximize enjoyment of the game and provide the greatest fitness benefit. The system records your statistics and you’ll be amazed at how much workout time you’ve logged when the game is over. The Gamercize system is available as a cycle or stepper, the best choices to leave your hands free to operate the controller.

Futuristic Factor: ***
Fun Factor: *****
Fitness Factor: ****

Monitor Body Fat with a Bioelectrical Impedance Algorithm

The Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale uses full body sensing technology to accurately measure weight, body fat, visceral fat, skeletal muscle and resting metabolism. Knowing you’re losing actual body fat, not just water weight will keep you motivated, and the additional indicators help determine your ideal exercise levels and calorie intake. How does it work? Bioelectrical Impedance (BI) is an accurate and safe method of screening body fat. Muscles, blood vessels and bones have a high water content that conducts electricity easily. Body fat has little electric conductivity. The monitor transmits a harmless electrical current (you won’t feel it) through your entire body. It then calculates the amount of fat tissue using a formula that factors in electric resistance, height, weight, age and gender.

Futuristic Factor: *****
Fun Factor: ***
Fitness Factor: ****

Track Cardio & Weight Lifting Progress on Your Wrist

For the gadget loving exercise enthusiast the Polar F55 Heart Rate Monitor for Fitness and Weight Lifting takes fitness monitoring to a new level. This multi-purpose device tracks three essential components of good health – cardiovascular, strength training & relaxation.

Cardiovascular: Wireless ECG Heart Rate Monitor
Strength Training: Body Workout Program (counts sets, reps and recommends weight)
Relaxation: OwnRelax Program (checks the body’s state of relaxation and helps you “listen” to your body)

The Polar F55 prescribes the best total body program for your fitness level, and all training data can be uploaded and tracked on the Polar Personal Trainer website. After 3 weeks of following the initial exercise program the unit will ask you to re-test your fitness level and then recalculate the next three-week program. This ongoing cycle of monitoring and testing is a great motivator.

Futuristic Factor: *****
Fun Factor: ***
Fitness Factor: *****

Globally Position Your Workout

Take your ride to the next level with the Garmin Edge 305HR+ GPS Navigator. With this Bicycle Computer, Heart Rate Monitor and Cadence Sensoron board you’ll always know where you’re going and how far you’ve gone. The easy-to-install and highly sensitive device measures pedaling cadence, heart rate, speed, distance, time, calories burned, altitude, climb and descent. The “Virtual Partner” makes your training more fun by matching you against a virtual competitor. The training timer auto pauses when you drop below a specified speed and resumes when you speed up again. Auto Lap automatically triggers a lap every time you pass a specified location or travel a preset distance. From competitive road racing to mountain biking, the cyclist-friendly, lightweight Edge will keep you engaged on the path to achieving your personal best.

Futuristic Factor: *****
Fun Factor: ****
Fitness Factor: ****

Get Fit the Fun Way

The effort and stress involved in most conventional workouts discourage people from getting fit. Here are a few activities which offer you the opportunity to lose some weight while having fun.


Walking can be a very fun way to reduce weight and stay fit. In fact, experts say that walking 10,000 steps daily can help keep you healthy. Some people think that walking only exercises your feet and legs. However, you should know that walking actually helps improve your cardiovascular system, building up blood vessels so you have more oxygen stored in your blood. This helps increase your endurance and helps you keep your energy up after a long day.

When you take a walk, remember to enjoy the journey. Some people use treadmills, but that would actually be pretty boring and would seem like too much work to be worth it. When you take a real walk or even a jog, however, you’ll get to enjoy observing what’s going on around you. You might even manage to forget that you are exercising.

Video Games

Oh yes, there are actually video games that can help you stay fit and active. This equals to a lot of fun and a lot of calories lost. One of the most popular active video games is DDR or Dance Dance Revolution. This video game involves you stepping on a dance pad in time to instructions on the screen. Just a few minutes on DDR will get your heart pounding, your sweat pouring and your face smiling.

Another option would be the ParaParaParadise dance machine. This game is actually based on a popular dancing style in Japan called “Parapara”. Although the traditional modes have specific steps to follow in order to be considered a legitimate score, the game also offers a “freestyle mode” which allows you to be more creative and be more active. Offering different difficulties accompanied by energizing music, you’ll never realize you are actually exercising on this machine. A version is also available for use with Sony’s eye-toy.

The Wii is the latest to come out with active video games. Using motion-sensor controllers, a gamer will actually have to move in order to play the games. You need to punch when playing boxing games, you need to swing the controller in order to wield your sword and slay the dragon.

The active video game also helps boost morale by making you feel as if you have accomplished something. There are high scores to beat, after all.

Martial Arts

Forget repetitive and seemingly-senseless movements. What discourages people from doing aerobics or other types of traditional exercise is that they can be pretty boring and actually only burn a few calories per hour.

Martial Arts, on the other hand, can help you burn as much as 1000 calories an hour! Now that is some exercise.

In Martial Arts, your whole body will stay active -this means you will be able to tone and shape every muscle in your body. What’s more, this workout is far cry from being boring. You get to learn a new skill, practice it against opponents and generally focus on something other than how much weight you’re supposed to be losing.

What’s great about martial arts is that every move has its purpose. Whether it’s knocking out an enemy or regenerating life energy, martial arts is something where all movements count. Did you know that people who begin practicing Tai-Chi during their retirement years can actually extend their active life?


Dancing is another activity where you can get fit without actually thinking about exercise. It allows you to let lose, get those muscles working and that blood pounding. Dancing is all about having fun and feeling good about your body and your moves. It’s all about self expression and communication without words. Real exertion in dance can burn off as much calories as martial arts!

Dancing allows you to learn a skill and improve your overall personality. It allows you to become more aware of what you can do as a person. Dance also helps relieve stress and produce endorphins for that natural high.

Actually, various types of workouts are based on dance movements. Although these workouts pretty much focus on getting the same results as your regular exercise routine, the pacing and rhythm involved makes the exercise fun and more vigorous.


Swimming is another activity that exercises the whole body. If you live near the beach or at least have a pool nearby, you should take advantage of the exercise opportunity. Of course, in order to keep fit with swimming, you’ll need to actually move. Just lounging about in the pool will not help sculpt your body.

Fitness for Fun: Alternative Fitness Activities That Work

Are you one of those people who think that losing weight and keeping fit needs to be done at a rigorous pace and with a totally competitive mindset? Are you struggling with your weight loss program because of this kind of thinking? Are you almost drained of your last ounces of hope that you will ever get fit?

If you’re just beginning to start your fitness journey, or even if you’re already going but feeling a bit burnt out, then you might be approaching fitness all wrong. Getting fit shouldn’t make you feel like you’re in a boot camp. It should be enjoyable, and that’s where fitness for fun comes into the picture.

A lot of people who are overweight, or have health and fitness issues, may not be suitable for those in-gym workouts that are very rigorous and require a lot of correct technique. In fact the gym is just not an enjoyable experience for some people. Lifestyle, like working in an office setting where you don’t have the opportunity for a lot of physical activity, may have also taken over and quite frankly the hours that are being worked aren’t compatible with long sessions in the gym. The good news is that, there are alternative fitness options readily available.

First off, fitness for fun is an easy way to start getting back in to shape. Just because it’s fun it doesn’t mean that it isn’t working. Alternative fitness activities are far from the dumb bell curls that you normally do at the gym, think pillow fights, sports, rock climbing, hiking and the list goes on and on. I hear you say that doesn’t fitness have to be structured? In my opinion alternative fitness doesn’t have to be structured at all, the further from structured the better, as then it won’t feel like work at all!

How do you get back to that fitness for fun mentality? The best place to start is to just remember your younger days. Was there a sport that you enjoyed playing? Did you love to dance back then? Where you a cheerleader once in your life? Why not go back to those activities. Playing a sport that you once loved can be the furthest thing on your mind if your current fitness status is on the downside. However if you just get started you’ll be amazed at the support you will get and that in itself will help you go in the right direction and on the road again to regaining your fitness and health. You’ll also have that super benefit of burning those calories while you play. Remember just to be patient with yourself as you might struggle at first, but you’ll eventually start to feel that you’re getting better at it and before you know it you’ll be back to your old form and shape. It is never too late to take that first step. You could invite your old buddies to play with you as extra incentive and then it’s even more fun as it’s an excuse for a catch up as well, or you can join a local club if none of your buddies are still playing. There are many age clubs around that welcome players with our without experience. I know that for a fact as I’m now at 40 starting to seriously to consider taking up soccer in the local women’s team for the first time in my life to add some more fun into my fitness program.

It’s the same with dancing. When did you last dance? Most women nowadays prefer to join fitness clubs that offer dance classes as part of their fitness for fun programs. There’s a wide variety of dances that you can choose from like belly dancing, pole dancing, and Latin dancing just to name a few. Jazz and Ballroom dancing are also popular choices. This is a great way to learn a new skill and burn those calories at the same time.

Other alternative fitness activities would include playing Frisbee at the park, or learning how to swim, cycling, and even hauling logs with your bare hands. Why not? It’s a great way to keep you fit.

Anything can be fitness when we just stop thinking of fitness in the traditional sense of the word and open our eyes to all the possibilities around us. The best place to start? Just look through the eyes of a child, don’t take yourself seriously, laugh put a skip in your step and go from there.

Dawn Fritsch is a Gym Owner. Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor who specializes in Women’ Fitness for the over 40’s. Dawn also has a unique understanding and passion for workout’s that can be done At Home with minimal, or no equipment.

Dawn shares her training ideas, insights and motivation on her website []. While visiting her website pick up her free tips on how to Avoid Weight Gain during Menopause.

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The Nintendo Wii Fit For Fun

I remember hearing someone say before it’s release that the Wii Fit would be a huge smash. How right he was. It will get you into shape, and you’ll love every second. So let’s take a brief look at it.

You are required to act quickly, although in a physical way while this console helps you lose pounds. Surely it will create a new virtual fitness community producing some masters in Yoga and other disciplines all around the world.

The Wii Fit will guide you through your first three steps with the help of your own virtual personal trainer, while the balance games offer variety and fun to help keep you engaged and excited about your fitness goals. It will use the Body Mass Index (BMI) as the key metric to monitor your progress toward a healthier lifestyle and though you may not be used to it, Wii Fit will get you moving – especially helpful if you’re looking for a gentle, fun introduction to an exercise program.

Balance games of the Wii Fit features fun activities, such as heading soccer balls and ski jumping, that challenge the Wii Fit player’s overall body balance. The games tend to offer the most fun with tasks such as the Ski Slalom, Snowboarding and Ski Jump likely to become favourites amongst Wii Fit early adopters.

To get your cardio pumping, there’s a hula hooping mini-game that requires you to swivel your hips atop the Balance Board at high speeds. I suggest you draw your curtains before you perform this activity because you will look like a convulsive nutter no matter how hard you try not to.

If you want to get fit, or lose that unwanted weight, but in a fun way, then the Nintendo Wii Fit is for you.

John Milligan.


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So, if you’re hungry for that bargain console, game or accessory, then go to the website, have a good browse and enjoy your shopping experience.

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Yoga Retreats – Fitness and Fun

Yoga is an ancient time art of practicing of physical poses. A large number of people are passionate about yoga and its benefits. It increases body strength and flexibility, ability to relax and gives peace to the mind, body and soul. People can have more fun with yoga by attending yoga retreats and wellness programs.

Yoga retreats are places which brings you the widest range of sojourns at one place. This is the only place which acts as a platform for the people to share their passion for yoga and its benefits. Companies, who organise retreats as well as wellness programs, also organise Yoga Holidays and accommodations as a package from all over the World. They attempt to categorize arrangements according to environmental preferences i.e. one can select Retreats or Retreat Centres based on her location choice, retreat theme such as yoga / spiritual / detox, opt for specific types of Yoga, etc. Plus, they give a person the opportunity to enjoy scenic surroundings, as many yoga retreats are located in beautiful locations around the world.

Yoga Holidays are the ideal way to relax and recharge. They help in widening the awareness and knowledge about yoga among people. Many showcases are being organised about these retreats to spread yoga throughout the world in an organized manner. As a result, people are waking up to the fitness and fun element of yoga. Yoga helps in reducing stress, boosting stamina, blood circulation and immunity, enhancing mental power, etc. Yoga can help on successfully recover from serious sicknesses and disabilities.

Another important benefit of taking Yoga Holidays is that people get a break from their daily routine as they go out in different, exotic locations and this makes them feel completely rejuvenated. The yoga trainers guide people in a proper system and make them feel comfortable in practicing yoga. They share and communicate the ancient knowledge of Western and Eastern traditions through the healing power of yoga and meditation with people. These wellness programs further enhance the fun by offering other facilities like walking, cycling, excursions, etc. They may include instructions on breathing, chanting, and meditation. This results in huge benefits like correcting metabolic disorders, overcoming stress and mind behaviours that seem beyond your control, and changing firmly entrenched attitudes or personality disorders.

James William is an expert author who mainly writes articles on yoga. He is providing useful information on Yoga Retreats.

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Get Kids Moving! – Top Child Franchises for Fitness and Fun

It’s no secret that kids these days need to get more activity. From high-calorie, low nutrition convenience foods that many rely on day in and day out, to the propensity for today’s kids to spend time in front of a television or computer screen, obesity is on the rise. By opening up a fitness and activity centered child franchise you are helping be a solution to the problem. Classes, gyms, groups and activity centers are all ways that you can help families in your local community get more active and build the foundation for a longer, healthier life.

Here are five child franchises that help kids become more active.

1. Mile High Karate

Mile High Karate has been in business for over 25 years. As a Mile High Karate owner, you’ll help kids stay fit and build their self esteem at the same time. You don’t even have to be a martial arts student in order to own your own Mile High Karate franchise. The franchise will give you basic training as well as help in hiring professional martial arts teachers.

2. I9 Sports

I9 Sports has helped over 100,000 kids in the last three years and has become one of the most recognizable community based youth sports leagues. As an owner, you’ll operate youth sports leagues, child development and after school programs that focus on fitness and fun rather than competition. When you invest in the franchise, you’ll have five days of comprehensive classroom training, two days of field training in your territory and unlimited long term support from a coach.

3. Kickin’ Flips

Getting kids involved in fitness and activity as early as possible is important to help them create lifelong fitness habits. Kickin’ Flips is based on this philosophy. This preschool fitness program combines simple martial arts moves with an upbeat and energetic environment. This appeals to kids in this age group and is fun for parents as well. Your Kickin’ Flips center will benefit from marketing and advertising help, as well as small business management training from the franchisor.

4. Stretch-N-Grow

Stretch-N-Grow is a kid’s fitness program that helps educators and parents get more activity into the lives of young ones. Since 1992, the franchise has been growing. It provides a much needed service with a unique business model. Rather than having a physical location for your business, you’ll operate from day care centers. You’ll have an exclusive territory of 50 day care centers. You’ll teach small classes where children are already present and have a flexible work environment.

5. Romp n’ Roll

Romp n’ Roll has a unique approach to fitness that incorporates art and music in to the mix. Kids have fun exercising both their minds and imaginations in innovative classes and workshops that run the gamut from Silly Science to Gym. Other Romp n’ Roll class options include Princess Class, Good Sports and Superheroes. This truly unique kid’s sports franchise opportunity allows you to set up six to twelve week classes in your community at your facility.

To view additional franchise and profiles for child franchise opportunities, please visit is a free, comprehensive franchise selection resource, with 1,500+ franchise opportunities summarized. Franchise Genius is used by prospective entrepreneurs to research franchises in all industries and price ranges.

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Reduce Childhood Obesity Through Food, Fitness and Fun

The ever growing problem of childhood obesity is challenging community based and commercial organizations. The health care industry is very concerned about this “epidemic” because the cost of care for these children continues to rise, and will continue to increase as these children grow into adulthood. Across Canada, 1 in 4 children are considered overweight or obese according to the Ontario Medical Association. What can be done?

Family cycling together – staying fit and having fun!There are a variety of factors that contribute to obesity in children. These include genetic, environmental, behavioural and social issues. It’s not just a matter of over eating or under exercising or a lack of willpower and self control. However, if the problem is going to be addressed, it does come down to personal and family commitment to making a change.

So, what can you do if you have a child struggling with their weight? The approach I would recommend comes down to food, fitness and fun for the whole family. This could be a significant lifestyle shift but if you’re concerned about your child’s health, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Here are some tips.

Avoid skipping meals, especially breakfast.
Work on incorporating more home made meals into your diet instead of eating out or using heavily processed foods for major meals.
Try to include foods from at least 3 of the four main food groups in each meal. Plan meals and snacks so you’re choosing a variety of nutritious, tasty foods.
Limit the serving sizes of snacks and limit snacks to 1 or 2 per day. Choose things like fresh fruit and yogurt or cheese, a muffin or cereal with milk.
Allow your child to enjoy their favourite foods in moderation.

Of course, exercise and overall activity level is equally important as how many calories your child consumes. We all know we should be more active for our general health and well being. Here are some activity suggestions.

Encourage your child to aim for at least 30 minutes of vigorous activity 5 days a week.
For family activities, choose a variety your family will enjoy.
Choose activities that can be done from home like walking, cycling, hiking and playing games outdoors.
Limit screen time (television, video games and computer time) to less than 2 hours per day.
If your child has a television in their bedroom, remove it. A research study showed children with a TV in their room watched close to 5 hours more programming than those without.
Exercise with your child and set a good example for them. Community or in home exercise programs are an ideal solution.

As you can see, dealing with childhood obesity requires a lifestyle change for the family. You can not expect your child to do everything on their own. Your role as a parent is to support your child’s change to a healthier lifestyle. Ultimately it will benefit your entire family for years to come.

Andi Miller is a Can-Fit-Pro Older Adult Specialist, providing practical advice and designing individual health programs for adults. She is based in Welland, Ontario and provides fitness and educational programs throughout the Niagara Region of Ontario.

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Indulge into the fun of fitness

Fitness is bliss and staying in shape is a divine pleasure in itself. The best benefit of staying fit is that it makes an individual beat age and look younger, it also adds years to your life. Talking about fitness it is a subject that is touched every now and then by fitness gurus and trainers but the ultimate authenticity about fitness techniques is still unknown. Some fitness drills may benefit someone while the very same may not benefit others. The rule goes this way, fitness results may vary from individual to individual and each fitness activity has different consequences on different individuals.

Exercise harder to get energized

This would surprise you but it is true, the more you workout the more energized you feel. The energy created during workout can keep you charged the entire day. It pumps out stress and makes you feel enthusiastic. The fitter you are the more stamina you have, workout releases endorphin in an individual’s blood and increases energy level.

Invest only ten minutes

A mere ten minutes of workout in a day can make all the difference to your toughness. If you are entangled in a busy schedule and cannot take up the complete fitness trail, do not drop it all together but switch to a time saver workout. Exercise is beneficial whether you do it for ten minutes or two hours. Your cardio vascular system benefits a lot from a short fitness session. Life is not a bed of roses, you may never know that in the evening one may praise the day for an endearing workout.

Sweat doesn’t burn calories

It is a long time misconception that the amount of sweat is correlated to burnt calories. Our body sweats to cool us down. You can start sweating in a hot summer day and that does not mean you are losing any fat.

Exercise keeps away diseases

Exercise helps our body in fighting many diseases like joint pain, asthma, hypertension, blood pressure, strokes and diabetes. It lowers down cholesterol levels and helps us in staying fit. It also undermines the signs of ageing, boosts our immunity system and keeps us healthy and fresh in later years of life.

Select attractive active clothing

The right clothing is as important as fun filled workouts. To add to the fun of your fitness session you can reinvent your gym look and choose an appropriate gym fashion. You can scroll various online stores that showcase bodybuilding clothing online . Select a gym wear that makes you look cool abs is comfortable at the same time.

At last I would like to close this article with some motivation that may prove helpful to you and divert you towards a fitter and healthy lifestyle. A man can do far more than he thinks, it all needs a bright beginning. So do not keep waiting for the right moment but create the right moment for yourself. Stay futuristic and start exercising today as it has long lasting benefits. Every bird likes its own nest but the more you surround yourself with comforts the more you are about to invite troubles in old age. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today, do not forget pleasure has a sting in its tail. Indulge into the fun of fitness!!!